A Brief Introduction to Portage Park

Portage Park is a far north Chicago community that is both family-friendly and has access to public transportation for commuting to other Chicago areas. Portage Park residents have access to good Chicago public schools as well as many private institutions. Known as a highly populated Polish-American neighborhood, Portage Park offers great cultural and artistic diversity. With multiple theater companies and classic cinemas, many residents enjoy the unique film screenings of independent and silent film era movies.

Patio Theater

Ed Paschke Art Center

Restaurants and Portage Park dining brings authentic polish foods to this north side Chicago neighborhood. Many other restaurants feature great Italian dishes, and authentic Chicago style pizza. There have been a significant number of new culinary endeavors moving into the neighborhood in recent years - many top rated! 

Portage Park nightlife includes many bars, pubs, dance clubs, and pool halls. The patrons at most establishment are neighborhood regulars and the dance clubs play many European dance beats that cater to the Polish-American community within Portage Park.

Gale Street Inn

Community Restaurant

Parks and festivals in Portage Park keep summers fun and exciting in this city community. Portage Park is just one of Chicago’s residential communities that offer safe, fun, and a happy neighborhood.

Jefferson Park

Portage Park Pool